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Solar Forces Solutions was born out of the idea of assisting homeowners and business owners in taking advantage of the abundance of sun irradiation in South Africa.

With the steady decline in a stable electrical supply and the steady increase in electricity costs, now is the time for concerned home and business owners to take control of their own electrical generation. With a 20 year lifespan any Solar PV system installed pays for itself often within 5 years and provides another 15 plus years of free electricity. The key to success lies in the planning, design and implementation of the correct solar system for the correct application. This is what we do best.

  1. Assessed and certified by SAPVIA as adhering to ethical and quality workmanship
  2. Approved installer by SAPVIA Green Card program
  3. Experienced in the design and implementation of PV systems
  4. Experts in the integration of PV power into the home or office
  5. Design criteria based on the smallest configurations needed to provide the maximum contribution
  6. Cost benefits are included in design criteria to ensure a maximum pay-back period
  7. Quality products designed to deliver production for the 20 year lifespan planned
  8. Strong aftersales services and support

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Our Strategy


How We Work

Our core focus is on households and businesses that consume 1200 kW h of electricity per month or more. Not to say that smaller households cannot benefit, but the cost to return ratios are most favourable above this point. Solar production can then be consumed throughout its peak with careful planning and circuit layouts ensuring no PV production is lost. It is at these levels that the payback period of 5 years or less is possible, including the cost of battery backup to account for load shedding on critical loads. That then potentially provides up to another 15 years of free electricity.

Working with our clients, we design around their exact needs, that they can certainly grow into. This means that they have what they need now, and manage and maintain into the future - where electricity will no doubt cost more to have and run. Our planning, calculating and designing around your needs means that you will always run efficiently and your ROI is guaranteed.

The team is comprised of competent, trained and caring staff and management. Installations are carried out by ourselves, not outsourced, and the QC is tightly controlled at the end of each install phase, ensuring peace of mind that at the end, the installation is correct and fully functional.


Selection of Products & Services

A key principle behind the success of any solar PV installation are the products and services used to ensure expected results are achieved. Temptation lies in the use of the multiple, inexpensive products making their way into South Africa from international manufacturers.

Comparison of numbers and functionality makes a strong case to choose the cheaper option, but what happens when things go wrong. Can you get the support and how much lost production is experienced that costs you money. Therefore a non-negotiable policy is to use only proven products with strong local support infrastructure. Products and services could be summarised as follows:

  1. Approved design principles to ensure achievable results
  2. Proven Hybrid Inverters that have highest efficiencies in their class
  3. Lithium Ion batteries to supply the needed cycles for long term production
  4. Tier 1 PV panels offering 25 years of service life
  5. Certified mounting structures to ensure load and stress are accounted for
  6. Certified electrician to separate essential and non-essential circuits
  7. CoC supplied for electrical work done
  8. Green card certificate upon request

Solar power is the most abundant energy force on earth. Harnass the clean and safe power of the sun for your home or office.


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